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What can I expect from a reading?

We love what we do. Your reading may involve the use of a crystal ball or tarot cards (Lynne), but our ability to connect to Spirit is our greatest gift.

They are aware of your situation be it health, relationships, business, work and have insight into the future. However, it is the choices you make that dictate the outcome – the spirit World can only offer support, advice and guidance.

Spirit come with love and light and give truth, love and blessings to show you are not alone and help you to progress forward in life.

We are able to give you a genuine and honest reading with integrity and although it may not be what you expect, it comes with love and light and often laughter.

It is always accurate as Spirit are never irrelevant or inaccurate and all readings should be honestly evaluated and borne in mind.

It is important to be honest, even though you may not be fully open and it can be a surprise who the messengers are.

You can ask questions at any time and you will be given an answer dependant on Spirit. If they will not give it to you then there is a reason for this which always becomes apparent with you in time.

They are aware of everything and will always give what is relevant and appropriate.
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